Author: No One
•sâmbătă, octombrie 17, 2009
Burn me deep. Torch my soul. In the hot summer of my despair, cry for me in burning tears. Sparks of desillusion.

Look up at the flaming sun. You, blind Io, you stared too much, too deep in it's soul. And now you are empty of sight. And you cry with fiery tears. You, broken soul of the light. Why? Why have you looked at it? And you don't remember the images you once dreamed.

Out of sight.

Third degree burn on your mind. Miserable sadness. River of thought in red flaming streams. Please close your eyes. Your beautifull blue eyes. Dream of things you'll never see. Never... ever. But don't cry anymore. The flame is gone and a warm feeling is upon you. Please smile cause you live, the life of a human beeing, the life of a dreamer.

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