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•luni, noiembrie 16, 2009

In zile ca acestea... ma intreb cum de am ajuns aici.
In zile ca acestea... regret ce-i de regretat, sunt trist si plictisit.
In zile ca acestea... stau suspendat undeva... in aer... intre prabusire si inaltare, ca un om neutru intre bine si rau.
In zile ca acestea... nu mai am chef, nu mai vreau nimic.
In zile ca acestea... vreau sa stau in pat... si atat.
In zile ca acestea... lumea e in cealalta camera, iar eu nu am chef sa o vad la fata.
In zile ca acestea... nu mai am raspunsurile la mine.
In zile ca acestea... sunt sedat in singuratatea mea.
In zile ca acestea... nu mai stiu daca viata mea este mai mult decat atat.

Kings of Leon - Closer

Stranded in this spooky town,
Stop-lights are swayin' and the phone lines are down.
The floor is crackling cold,
She took my heart, I think she took my soul.
With the moon I run,
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun.

Driven by the strangle of vein,
Showin' no mercy, I'd do it again.
Open up your eyes,
You keep on crying, baby, I'll bleed you dry.
The skies are blinkin' at me,
I see a storm bubblin' up from the sea.

And it's coming closer... [2x]

You shimmy shook my bones,
Leavin' me stranded, all in love on my own.
Do you think of me?
Where am I now, baby, where do I sleep?
It feels so good but I'm old,
Two-thousand years of chasin', takin' it's toll.

And it's coming closer... [4x]

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