Author: No One
•marți, octombrie 26, 2010
Nobody's here
The angels had left
And I...
I took the left turn

It's so cold in this world of yours
Or... Is it mine?

Jesus shook my hand
I asked him:
No words
He lit his cigarette
Burned this house down

The house is empty
No one's here to save you
No one's here to let you go
No one's here to blame
There's no answer cuz there's no question

Look out the window
People walking
And you... me
I"m standing here on this couch
Ignoring the sound people do

Near them
But I'm not here
Watching them
But I have no interest

Deal the cards, boy
Make a bet
And your poker face
Prepare to be somebody else
Someone you really wish to be
Cuz you'll never be
You are who you are

No mask in the world will change that

I'm tired
Wanna go to sleep
Wanna be alone
Wanna crash in loneliness

This feeling
I've changed
Something has changed
And I know who is on the other side

Nota de subsol: Nu luati in serios ce am scris, riscati sa dati cuvintelor mai mult inteles decat au.

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