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•luni, februarie 07, 2011
Am gasit pe Tube asta: To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But, to love, and be loved, is everything! 

I beg to differ. To be loved is nothing. To love is something. But, to love, and to be loved, that's something to aspire to.

When you are loved you don't make any effort, you just receive the love someone is giving you. But to love, now that's something hard to do. Because you have to surpass all those bad habits you have, because you have to rise above your human condition. You gotta use the best in you and also you have to put up there that little engine you call heart. The purest form of love is when you don't want anything in return, when you don't care if the other one receives it or throws it away, when you just do it, because you now know that this is the only path towards something better.

Love is an act of courage. Love is an act of surrender. Love is the act of opening up. And I have yet to see a single human being doing all of the things that I wrote here.

Si acum sa revenim la obisnuitele mele prostii. Azi am avut placerea sa-mi citesc un conspect. Ce mi-a atras atentia, pe langa scrisul putin uratel, a fost lipsa liniutei de la litera "t", lipsa caciulitelor la "ă" si la "î", lipsa virgulei de sub "ş" si "ţ", literele scrise imcomplet si la repezeala, inghesuirea si contorsionarea cuvintelor la sfarsit de linie. Te intreb John... de ce atata graba?

Dupa zile de ganduri, azi e liniste. A fost liniste azi noapte cand frecam menta la calculator, e liniste si acum.

ta hand om dig cititorule

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