Author: No One
•miercuri, martie 02, 2011
So I lost all directions. All pointing to the same stupid things we're going through. Makes you wonder if it's worth listening to those words. So if I don't care at this point in time, if I'm so, so, so tired, if I want to just shut up...

Blinding lights. Putting my hand over my eyes. It's all dark, it's all just the same bullshit. You don't know. You don't know. You don't care. You might care if I opened a chest full of words, but I don't wanna. I'm tired of all of this. The thoughts and the stories are going with me. Don't need the light right know.

I'm the sky turning red, the water turning black, the earth turning cold. In a world only with me in it. In a private state of mind. For you it's just blue skies, calm water and the round-shaped earth. Caught in your own worlds, with all your problems. Caught in my own world, with all my problems. This seems easier, more self-centered in a natural human way.

Pointing the sky. Picking up a star. To guide me on this streets of mine. After all, your journey is a lonely affair of the mind. Lost words and lost thoughts that no one wants to hear, I hear them all in my head. Because they're mine. Mine to have, mine to keep. Lost aborted puppies in the middle of the night. No one asks me about them.   

But it's ok. I'll make them my little secrets, my little unsaid words, and I'll put them in boxes of all shapes and sizes. In the hope that one day someone will want to hear them.


PS: not talking about someone in particular here. Just to clear that out.

ta hand om dig cititorule

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