Author: No One
•sâmbătă, iunie 23, 2012
Mi-a placut textul asta si m-am gandit sa il postez si aici.


What do you think about when you’re having an orgasm?


Maybe you’re thinking, but I know I’m not thinking. My mind is clear. My mouth goes on autopilot, the sounds coming out of it may occasionally be words but they have no intellectual thought behind them. The “oh god”s and “fuck”s are almost a mantra. I am a blank puddle of nerve endings, completely open to sensation. I have no
control over my rapidly contracting lower abdomen or my flailing limbs. My back arches, dragging my shoulders over the now damp sheets, pushing my hips down into the mattress. Warm inner forearm skin pressing into my hip bone and leg hair gently crunching against the back of my thigh.

What’s going on here is pure haptic sensation. Touch.

Si asta o sa va faca sa radeti :P

ta hand om dig cititorule

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