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Am scris asta pe un forum si m-am gandit ca daca tot o am scrisa acolo sa o pun si aici in sectiunea mea cu filme pe care le-am vazut, sectiune pe care am abandonat-o de ceva timp. Cand cititi asta eu sunt deja in tren. Ma intorc acasa.

I just saw it today. I really liked it. I knew it was good but I didn't expect it to be better than Raimi's first 2 Spiderman movies (I can't compare it to SP 3. That was shit). Let me get this straight. For me the first SP movie was good, corny sometimes, nothing special. The second one I really liked at that time, and I still think it is the best in the trilogy. In my opinion Doc Ock was better than Green Goblin, the action was better, even Peter was better. While I watched this movie (ASM) I knew that it was better than the first SP and I tried to compare it to the second. At first they were tied, but at the end of the moveie I knew, for me, that ASM surpassed even SP 2. That said ASM imo it's the best spiderman movie till now. And I know that for some this may sound as blasphemy but I Iiked ASM more than The Avengers. Now I wait for TDKR to be the best comicbook (related) movie of this year  :-D

Peter Parker, in this case played by Andrew Garfield, was much better. Witty, awkward, funny, lovable, cute. Now, under the influence of the movie, I want to be like him :P  And Spiderman was more similar to the one in the comics. Ironic and funny. I don't love when they talk while they fight, in comics or in the movie, but in this one they pulled it off and now I see that it suits Spiderman to do that. I really liked the fight sequences. Much more... I don't know how to say it, Spidey and the Lizard fought very close one to each other, I style that I liked. Very different from the ones with Green Goblin and Doc Ock. I liked the fact that this time Spiderman knew how to use his web shot. He used it in a very inteligent way, trying to immobilize his enemy in different ways and to keep the civilians safe catching them in a way that afterward they would be safe. They took more time in this movie with Peter, his origin and his transformation. As someone mantioned here they tried also to put a psihological aspect to his transformation, not only a physical one. And I dare to say that he is closer to a teenager this time (as a character, I know Garfield is almost 29). Garfield really did his job. He is better, imo, than Tobey.

Gwen, what can I say, she is no damsel in distress  :-D Which I like. She is smart, courageous, daring, sexy in a cute way. She understands things without any explanation (like "why did you do that or that?"). She understands and she takes the risk being with Spidey. Some words at the end of the movie may hint her future, let's say, destiny.  Emma Stone is a good actress, maybe not Oscar material, but very likable on screen.

Peter, Gwen, the actors that play them and their chemistry is the strongpoint of this movie. This movie is really the Amazing Peter Parker and his amazing relationship with Gwen Stacy  :lol:

Uncle Ben and aunt May were ok, but they had little screen time to show their strenght as characters. But I''ll say that they, the actors, did their job well. Same as Denis Leary. Let's say, that, as a character, he was a father, a cop, but a fair man.

Curt Connors was a little undeveloped, but I undertood his reasons (when he was only dr. Connors). When he transforms into the Lizard he becomes a standard villain. Doc Ock,for instance, was a better villan. I liked the little twist at the end of the last fight. The CGI Lizard was ok, I had no problem with it, except maybe his face. But one argument for this type of face may be that it makes his face more.... human? vulnerable?

In ASM the action was much better than in SP movies, but I'll say this: Spidey vs Doc Ock on the clock tower and on the train and Spidey vs Harry Osborn, in the beginning of SP3, were just as strong. I liked the CGI comparing it to SP movies, but l  aknowledge that there is a ten years gap between this and SP and that the most of the action takes place at night. There are more practical stunts in this film, which is a plus in ASM. I liked the suit but I didn't like the dark glass eyes on the mask.

Horner's score did his job, served it's purpose. By no means it's a score that you can replay at home. It is strictly for movie atmosphere. But, subjectively speaking on my part, I got goosebumps right before the crane sequence when the music kicks in and I also like it in another scene. And I liked the skateboard scene with Coldplay's song "Till Kingdom Come". And speaking about music and a little scene, Stan Lee's cameo was really funny.

One thing that was a little strange was the fact that in this movie, and remember it's the first one, a few people get to know Spidey's identity. But you can say it's more realistic. Put yourself this question, in real life could you keep it a secret for a long time?

This film is kinda dark, but it's no Begins, as far as where an origin story and comicbook movie goes. But it's no Marvel studios movie either (I know Spidey is a Marvel character), which, imo, are light. I saw only two trailers and nothing more so I didn't feel spoiled. But I also agree that the marketing didn't help this movie at all.

Webb did his job well (he used his strenghts in here, the ones that he used in 500 Days of Summer), and I will, when the film hits the internet  :-D, see it again (I don't have a working theatre in my town, that's why). And finally I'll say that this review may be influenced by the fact that I saw it today. I don't know how it will stand the test of time.

ps: be kind, I know it's long
ps2: I saw it in 3D. It's my second time I see a movie in 3D and I can say that I don't like it. The glasses restrict your view and gets the image darker. I saw almost the entire movie without them. At points the image was out of focus, mainly in the background, but it was ok. 2D all the way for me.

Info pe imdb si wiki, iar trailerul e mai jos

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