Author: No One
•vineri, august 31, 2012
Dark blue cloud bubbly one way side. Face me in the mirror. Take this back. The other way. One memory that I had. One thought you misspelled. Glass door, broken in the middle. Why you no see? This world. Misspelled. Turn the page. Look at you left. Bring the light closer. One forgot to blink. Burned his eyes on the face of the sun. Colder than a freezing winter. Iceskate me to the end of the world. Where I will fall on the other side. Long lost brother of mine. Lost his voice in between the silence. I wonder who is gonna save us now? You? No, thanks. I landed on the other side and it's ok. But you don't see that. You chose to see what you wanted to see. Angels with dirty faces lost their wings. I believe the people ate them. Because they don't know the meaning. They lost it somehow. Back again. Break the saints in pieces. I will watch the night's stars. Blinking, blinking. Far away. And the world moves.

Now spin.

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