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•vineri, ianuarie 25, 2013

Very violent. One, because of the amounts of bright red blood that flew in the air when people got shot (and were lots of people shot in there, most of them numerous times, in every imaginable part of the body, even the groins). But two, and this was the heavy stuff (I was not shocked per se, but they got to me when I watched those certain scenes), it was violent in the way slavery and black people are treated in the movie (like disposable, to a certain degree, dumb inferior animals). Some may say to themselves that it can't be that acurate (considering it was made by Tarantino who is not the guy to go to when you think realistic) but unfortunately I think in some parts of the US that was true and acurate. On the other hand the word nigga, which is used a lot, didn't bother me (maybe not being from the US "helped" me in that). I hear it all the time in the mouth of rap gangsta bling-bling bad boys of today.

If you know Tarantino's other films you'll sure recognize this is his. This time it borrows a lot from spaghetti westerns from the way is was shot (that rapid zoom ins for example, or close up of the face), the explosions, the very acurate shotings and the score. Also the opening credits reminds you also of this type of westerns. I saw all Tarantino's long features (even Death Proof and his two episodes in CSI). For now I will say this is in my top 3 (along with Basterds and Reservoir), but I don't know where in that top. I know that Tarantino is a remarkable director but... he just doesn't get there to be a favourite of mine.

Dr. Shultz is my favourite (especially in the begining, where were the laughing/funny parts, for me at least), Foxx is good but nothing spectacular. And DiCaprio is meeean :-D Also remembering: Sam Jackson (you really can't believe someone like him can exists, you may think he is playing a fool and a role but he truly believes in the shit he believes), Don Johnson (nice to see him in that role), beautiful Kerry Washington (with the strange, and funny to me, Broomhilda von Shaft name), Franco Nero (as the other owner in the mandingo fight), Jemas Remar (of Dexter fame), Walter Goggins (Shield, Justified) and Jonah Hill (in a small funny part). I wonder where would've JGL fit in this whole movie. Also, a known face to me, M.C. Gainey (Bo Crowder in Justified and Tom Friendly, Linus' second in command, from Lost). And also, I remember now to write this down, QT has a cameo... not being the best actor in the world :lol:

And yes the D is silent :-D

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