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Asta e a 1000-a postare publicata :) Asa s-a nimerit

It deserves its Oscar nods for Directing, Cinematography, Picture, Score, Visual Effects (actually there are 11 of them). Wow, I really like Ang Lee. I like his ability to tackle multiple genres (Nolan hasn't really that ability although he is my favourite director). From the visual effects nominees I only saw Snow White, Avengers and Life of Pi till now, and Pi is my favourite now in this category (but I guess Prometheus will win in this one). I liked the score (Skyfall is better though). But I loved the cinematography, the way it was shot, the beautiful images and the use of CGI. It looks beautiful (gonna mention the sinking of the ship when Pi is in the water watching the ship full of lights in the water). A very visual movie. And btw from Imdb trivia
86% of the tiger shots are CG, while 14% (or 23 shots) are real. In some cases it's intercut with a CG tiger. Scenes where a real tiger is used:

The shot in the beginning where he's sitting
Richard Parker swims in the water and can't get back onto the boat without Pi's help
Most scenes where Pi is training the tiger with the stick.
Richard Parker sits down and scratches his claws on a hatch below him
Gotta mention Suraj Sharma at his first acting role, Irrfan Khan (really noticed him in ASM, although I saw him earlier in Slumdog and The Darjeeling Limited), Rafe Spall (very fit, he was a little chubby in Shaun of the Dead :P) and Gerard Depardieu (in a very small part). Previouslly from Ang Lee I saw Crouching Tiger, Hulk (liked it better than the 2008 one, Ang Lee's Hulk being the most character centric of all the three Hulks), Brokeback Mountain, Taking Woodstock (only saw small parts from the Ice Storm and Sense and Sensibility). Must see Lust, Caution from him.

I read the book when M.Night was in talks to direct it (Cuaron also was involved at some point after). I really liked it and I knew about the ending before seeing the movie. It has more impact in the book. But nonetheless I liked it. The difference about fantasy and reality. The beautiful story, fairy tale like, and the reality of what actually happened.

Saw it in 3D. I only saw Avengers, ASM and Like of Pi in 3D. Life of PI is by far the better one. Not a fan of 3D (wearing the glasses, the darker image thought the glasses, sometimes 3D gets distrating). I prefer seeing it in 2D (where image seems bigger), the old fashion way. But 3D works in this one. What bothers me in some cities in my country is that there are only multiplexes there, so if a film is in 3D they only show it in this way (no 2D option). Only the state cinemas project the film in 2D but they are slowly dissapearing in the smaller cities (there are a few bigger cities, Bucharest, Cluj, where they will remain)

At 13:35 when I saw the movie I was the only one in that cinema room :-D

At this point it made ~500mil WW (from a budget of 120). Only 100 domestic (US) and saved by international, almost 400mil. IMO it deserves to make money. And Pi is another example that domestic in not as important now as it was in the past.

And in the end I will mention a shot in the film, a shot made from above, where the image shifts to 4:3. It resembles the book cover :D

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