Author: No One
•luni, februarie 25, 2013
Azi am rost "asediat" de trairi vechi. Nu din trecut, ci "vechi" pentru ca am avut parte de ele de multe ori in trecut. "Trairi" ce creaza o placere subtil masochista si tembela, amaraciune si tristete, toate cu senzatia ca si cum te-ai inveli intr-o patura calduroasa. As zice mai multe dar ma tem sa nu ma citeasca cineva care ma cunoaste (am scris la un moment dat despre asta acum cateva postari) asa ca las asa. Si, de fapt, mai mult nici nu trebuie la o adica. Cei care au citit mai mult pot macar intui. Si probabil e de la faptul ca nu mi-am luat pastilele vreo 3 zile (am tot uitat) care cred, speculez, ca inhiba ceva anume (am o banuiala ce). Si nu, nu e vorba de depresie sau anxietate, desi poti da, banuiesc, in depresie din asta.

Si in alta ordine de idei, ma citez din ce am scris in alta parte:

I also believe that faith is above religion. I can live on faith alone with no religion whatsoever

I was playing with the idea of being an atheist when I younger. But something changed. It was not big, it was not miraculous. I just stopped being Thomas the unbeliever and I accepted that for some things I don't want hard material proof. Is like making the jump without knowing what's at the bottom. You just have to have faith.

And I also read the book first and loved the ending. A very beautiful fairy like story that covers the dark awful truth that happens is this world, and in humans as part of it (in a way faith does the same). But I'm a cynical man so I always tend to like it when the end is bleak because in the end this is the reality and I have to accept that it exists.

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