Author: No One
•miercuri, februarie 06, 2013
 - Who are you?!
 - hmhmhm... Hhn, I can tell you that. Sorry.
The man looked at him
- You don't seem the kind of guy who can take pain.
- It's true. I am not.
The man looked down on him with superiority
- Then you'll regret being here.
- I regret many things.
The man punched him in the face hard. He fell on a side along with the chair. He was strapped to that chair.
- Aww! God... That fucking hurts! he said while a faint trail of blood poured from his mouth. I never imagined it would hurt this much. Shit, I'm truly a masochistic fuck after all, he said smiling a bit.
- C'mon, don't be a pussy. It was only a slap. I can make things more interesting. And they'll hurt. Who are you?
- You know, if I wanted I could prevented that.... your "slap". Now I wish, a little bit, that I did, he said  faking an amateurish thoughtful look.
The man, looked at his men, all tall and bulked up, and laughed a little
- You playin' dumb? Or you really are, kid?
- Just playing, just playing...
- We'll take it nice and slow then, said the man with a grin on his face. Boys, get 'im up.
The two men reached for the chair he was strapped on, raised him upwards and put him back down.
- Look, I'll be nice, said the man. I will warn you first now. I will punch you again, just to...
- No, you won't
The man frowned.
- No, you won't, he said again. You won't. Look... , his face glided sideways like his eyesight was attracted to something behind the man, is there someone behind that glass? Hey, someone there? Well, we shall soon see.
- You have some nerve boy, said the man getting ready to punch him.
His eyes slided back to the man's eyes
- You think that I'm here because you wanted me to be here? he said with a little angry and definitely determined voice but somehow with an odd falsity in it. No. I am in here because I wanted it to.
The mirror behind the man began to crack while he said one last thing
- Believe me, THIS will hurt.

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