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•duminică, februarie 03, 2013

Enjoyable but predictable. Denzel is Denzel. Reynolds is Reynolds. Vera Farminga just picks her payckeck... ka-ching! (what is with her? all I see her is in bland roles, not bad but bland, where there is nothing to show). Brendan Glesson has nice touches here and there but that's all. A few decent or good fight scenes (the best one is Reynolds' last fight scene, in fact he has the good fight scenes). Again, enjoyable but predictable standard spy thriller. At least they didn't go to full happyending (it ends well and the good triumphs but Reynolds' character is not the same anymore - I like that in movies, that feeling that at the end things are not what you hoped for or imagined -> I mean an all positive, optimistic, happy ending; life is not like that, and I like to see the same thing in the movies that I watch - btw, don't you have the feeling that The Dark Knight Rises has the happiest possible ending in a Nolan film? and straightforward nonetheless)

I think that Denzel took this role because he is also an executive producer in this

Score: 3.25/5

1 - WTF?! ; 2 - Meh, skip it ; 3 - Decent ; 4 - Good ; 5 - Great
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