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•vineri, februarie 01, 2013

New rating system, more suitable to me (I was to permissive using the "out of 10" system), so:

1 - WTF?! ; 2 - Meh, skip it ; 3 - Decent ; 4 - Good ; 5 - Great

A Romero remake, not as good as Snyder's remake Dawn of the Dead but enjoyable. The crazies are NOT zombies, but people infected with a virus (Trixie) witch makes them aggressive and violent (well, technically reverts them to a primal instinctive state, but retains their basic personality). As the director said this movie is an attempt to bring the original smaller scale movie to a bigger scale (of course in their 20mil boundaries).

Tymothy Olyphant's character in this is similar to his character in the show Justified (also sheriff from rural America). Pretty good chemistry with Radha MItchell (his wife in the movie). But the actor that I liked the most is Joe Anderson, the deputy, Timothy's right hand. Likable guy. Funny that I didn't notice him in Across the Universe and The Grey. These three have the most screen time and are basically the only ones noticable in the movie.

And the military... they're not your friends in this movie :P

Also good director's commentary, not very technical but explains the process of making this movie, the casting, how he shot certain scenes, the use of the effects, how he used the limited budget, the scouting for locations, how the limited time they had led them to certain decisions etc

Score: 3.5/5

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