Author: No One
•luni, mai 13, 2013
The strange future unknown. Hoping for the best. Falling short of it. Our fates in a nutshell.

You know what gives me a sad smile? The fact that we all believe we won't pull the short straw. In fact the long one is the exception in the pile. And it's not so much luck in that as you might think. You have the "ability" to get to that "the best". Unfortunately the most of us just stumble through life. We are our own worst enemies in our way to that "the best". This is what I believe.

The sadness that is our life. Because it is sad when we act as we don't know it. "Not me. I am strong. You are talking about other people. Not me". As I said, we all believe we won't pull the short straw. And that's why this world is full of dissapointed hurt people. Seeing their bravery masking their dissapointment is sad. Like you want to convince me you made it. I see in your actions, in your words that you didn't, that you are just hurt. Sad that the hurt people try to hurt other people, to bring them the same dissapointment they also felt.

In my case the sadness comes from the fact that I know this already. Seems like the game is already played and I have to go along with it. To accept that.

Bless those who don't know. It's better to not know and live the lie. At least you still believe you can make it.

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