Author: No One
•luni, mai 20, 2013
And the bar is set so high. And we talk, we talk, we talk.

No doubt someone's gonna stop us tonight

Slicing the cake in half. In little pieces. Bites. And neons. It's taken eons just to be here.

Droping like a stone. Off the edge of the world.

Our lives on diplay. Click them. It'a just some other's fun time.

Cutting deeper than the knife

Killing dreams that others have about me

What if random in life is not random at all?

The dead can't hurt the dead

I don't believe in the word "gentleman"

Maybe you will prove me wrong. I like to the be proven wrong in matters of life.

I realized I could never be yours (or is it, you could never be mine?). And then I imposed this to me. That's why I am so detached from you now

I dreamed I lost my phone. I dreamed people diving in ice water on the front alley of my house. I dreamed I took a test, some drawings on the paper as answers.

Maybe it's all for the best

The end?

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