Author: No One
•miercuri, mai 08, 2013
A human child at birth undergoes a ritual almost identical to that inflicted upon the trout at death. The fish is whacked on the head, thus putting it out of its misery. The infant is whacked on the behind, thus initiating it into its misery.

Ma simt mai uman dupa ce am vazut acest film. Si placut :) Ar fi frumos si viata sa fie asa. Dar cine stie, poate ea poate sa fie chiar asa :)

Love is like a lot of things. One thing it's like is a trout stream. Try to capture a trout stream with a dam and you get a lake. Try to catch it in a bucket and you get a bucket of water. Put some under a microscope and you get a close-up look at some writhing micro cooties. But a trout stream is only a trout stream when it's flowing between its own banks. At its own pace. In its own sweet way.

Score: 4.25/5
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