Author: No One
•miercuri, iunie 05, 2013
Man, I want to fuck her. Personajul. Anna. Din The Beginners. Ma excita numai cand scriu despre asta, de parca sunt deplasat si public cu asta. Chipul ei. Felul cum zambeste. Cute, sweet, beautiful. Just react John, nu te mai cenzura aici.

Mi-a placut cand nu putea sa vorbeasca si scria pe carnetel sa comunice. Totul era pe chipul ei. In privirea ei. In ochii aceia albastri. Pe buzele ei cand zambea.

Makes you wanna get her close to you, nose near nose, and kiss her while abandoning yourself to this impulse. Then wanting secretly in your mind to undress her, throw her on the bed (maybe her bed) and fuck her like she was never fucked like this before. Or like you never fucked someone this way before.

Unpausing the movie now (22:31)

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