Author: No One
•duminică, august 11, 2013
I find it kind of depressing trying to talk to unknown people on the internet. It's never going anywhere. And I used "trying" correctly because all you do is try (maybe I'm not good at it, who knows?). You never get to the talk part. I have a grim feeling I might not be good at this either. Lost my enthusiasm on the way, these few years. Most of it anyway. Socializing on the internet it's like trying to scratch you brain in finding something good/funny/smart/intelligent to say. It gets tiresome and then you enthusiasm drops like a stone. I don't think that real socializing is that different either.

But you have to be at the top of your game baby. That's how this game is played - Fuck this game :)) (not mad or upset just tired and only tired).

I was thinking to myself earlier that the ones who actively try to seek are the average looking ones. Like me. I mean average looking, because putting "try" and me in a sentence is a crime against nature :)). Good looking ones just wait. They know people of all kinds gravitate towards them. So they just select depending on what they like or on their mood at that moment. Like moths to a light.

I have a mild headache and a need to talk which is quickly dissapearing now. Comes and then goes. Frequently these last days. That's what happens when you have time where you don't have anything to do. The skeletons come out of the closet. To haunt me when I don't keep my mind busy with something.

Maybe I should switch to english from now on. Sounds better anyway.

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