Author: No One
•marți, februarie 18, 2014
"My mother died rather suddenly when I was eighteen. One thing that I didn't expect was the amount of resentment I would feel. I know it's not fair of me to put that sort of thing on other people. But when I see someone walking down the street with their mother, I feel jealous. I know their relationship is going to have its ups and downs, and it's going to evolve, and it will have this trajectory to it that I'll never have, and it just seems unfair. Of course I know it's absurd to talk about fairness in the universe."
"Why is that absurd?"
"Because there's no such thing as karma. I mean, when you're a good person, people can sense it and they'll reciprocate that goodness. But the universe isn't keeping some balance by guaranteeing you a reward."

Karma is not about reward(s). You don't earn points for living a life. Karma is about learning. And learning is sometimes an ugly, unpleasant and unfair affair.

"God doesn't exist because why is he allowing this?" - This strikes me everytime as an odd argument to dismiss God or Karma or anything of this nature. It's odd to me, to make it clear. We all want our reward in Heaven or one on Earth. A reward like you reward a dog for a trick. You do the trick and soon follows the reward. But I don't see the universe like that. The universe is made in grey colors to make you learn, to make you grow, to make you evolve. It's ugly and twisted by purpose and influenced by us (a reflection of who we are in this stage of "life")."But, but, that's not a good God". Maybe he isn't, silly (you took that one on one religion crap again, don't you?), but he is smart. And in the end it will help you. The problem is the end is far away into the future, so far you can't see it with own your human eyes (how could you?). And you should not see it, because this will spoil all the fun :D Will knowing the end make you put any effort today, in the present? You should be uncertain and conflicted, because that'll make you move your ass and evolve.

You'll live life after life, situation after situation, both good and bad, beautiful and ugly, and you'll learn. Where to then? Anywhere but here.

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