Author: No One
•luni, martie 03, 2014
I am on the edge of some sexual thoughts (lil' bits of fantasies here and there) and FB isn't helping (damn pictures in my neews feed :P). Ce sa zic...

M-an uitat la Oscaruri azi noapte (a cata editie consecutiva o vad in direct?). Vazand True Detective incep sa tin cu el din ce in ce mai mult (adica avanseaza in aprecierea mea catre el). Imi place serialul ala.

Miercuri ma duc la Constanta sa-mi iau doza :P Plus 3 filme in functie de bani. Si niste pricomigdale (e o patiserie acolo ce face pricomigndale asaaa bune).

In rest... I want to shake those thoughts off (primul paragraf), but also I don't want to because I want it to be real.

I am tired. My eyes too. Bad sleep I guess. And odd sleeping hours.

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