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•sâmbătă, aprilie 18, 2015
Ce ati patit dragii mei? Imi face placere sa va revad. Cine stie, poate nu se opreste aici.

De la primavara vi se trage. Sigur.


Si ca sa nu mai irosesc o pagina separata, bag un copy/paste la comentariu de-al meu de undeva (e si pe Fb-ul dumnealui, celui ce detine blogul asta). Ma gandeam sa explic de unde pana unde, dar cred ca poate fi self explanatory.

I read the book from which I assume you took King's tips. "On writing" is its name if I recall correctly. Interesting to say the least. And very accesible. Well, it is also part biography.

As I see it, first thing is "write" :P Then, write even if you don't feel like it. Write every day, almost every day if you are really busy with other things (like a job, because you have to feed your ass :P). Write even if that writing is not good.

I wish I could write, not necessarily as a career (most likely I will have a career in law, as this is what my job is right now), but for me. Why? 1. for my peace of mind, as a meaning to get disconnected from this world, its roughness or my thoughts, my fears etc. 2. because "If you can't find what you are looking for (in other people's books), then write it yourself". I am trying to find that book, that has in it exactly what I want, but I can't quite find it, so maybe I should write it. That book I would want to discover on the shelves someday.

But I am lazy, and afraid. Writing, as working, is something (in my opinion) that has to be constant, not today and maybe 2 months from now. Afraid, because I feel I can't write, something more than amateurish and something more than 2 pages long.

So that's why my "tips" are those above.


Today I am in a good mood. Se vede, nu-i asa?

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