Author: No One
•sâmbătă, iulie 30, 2016
Mi-e teama. O zic sincer ca mi-e teama ca odata ce ii zic unei femei pe care o plac despre mine, aceasta nu ma va mai privi cu aceiasi ochi, nu ma va mai gasi asa atragator. Nu mi-a zis nimeni in fata, poate sunt subiectiv, dar parca uneori am simtit ca asa a fost. Poate ma insel, poate it's all in my head, dar am teama asta de mult, mult timp. Si nu-mi face viata usoara. Deloc.

Just wanna get this off my chest. I should be happy, but if I think too much I worry.

I just want to see you, talk to you. For you to see that I am good, that I am someone you could want, in spite of my flaws. I'm a good guy and I want you to see this in me, first and foremost.

LE: you know what? I will not be afraid. We'll see what we have to do when we get there. What will happen will happen. I just hope it will be something beautiful.

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